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eBs13 Batten System | White

eBs13 Batten System

Extruded two-piece snap-together Batten System for striking visuals.

Extruded aluminum battens have quickly become the go-to specification on commercial projects to create striking visuals and provide additional sun protection for trellis, pergola, and cabana structures.

Wood grain powder coating creates the appearance of real wood while leveraging the strength and durability of aluminum.

Pool Deck Trellis Battens

Light Maple Wood Grain Powder Coat

Interior Decorative Battens

Dark Wood Grain Powder Coat

Entryway Battens

Dark Bronze Powder Coat

Cabana Battens

Light Maple Wood Grain Powder Coat

Our eBs13 Batten System Snaps Together with Hidden Fasteners

Alumination’s eBs13 Battens feature a structural base that attaches to the wall or mounting surface. The decorative battens interlock over the base to create a seamless, monolithic appearance with hidden fasteners.

Decorative end caps seal the batten ends, producing a sleek, finished edge.

Complete your striking design from our options of durable standard wood grain or solid color powder coat finishes.

Light Maple Wood Powder Coated Wall Battens
Light Maple Wood Powder Coated Wall Battens

Batten Specs: The Details You Need

2"x2" eBs13 Batten

2"x4" eBs13 Batten

2"x6" eBs13 Batten

2"x8" eBs13 Batten

eBs13 Batten System

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