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ePs13 Panel System | White

ePs13 Plank System

Custom tongue & groove plank system for stunning walls, soffits, & ceilings.

Extruded aluminum panels are quickly becoming the preferred cladding material for exterior and interior applications due to their visual appeal, long-lasting durability, ease of installation, and low maintenance. Alumination’s ePs13 Plank System features industry-leading design enhancements, making it the contractor’s choice for wall and soffit panel applications.

Soffit Panels

Maple Wood Powder Coat

Horizontal Wall Panels

Super English Walnut Powder Coat

Horizontal Wall Panels

Navy Blue Powder Coat

Varying Plank Widths

Faux Corten Powder Coat

Our ePs13 Plank System Comes Together in a Snap

Alumination’s extruded aluminum planks feature .063” wall thicknesses and integral screw bosses creating additional panel structure, to prevent denting, and allow for easy attachment of optional end caps.

Our patent-pending ePs13 end caps reduce moisture penetration at seams, add more dimension to the final installed visual aesthetic and allow for the addition of accent colors at panel joints.

Choose from a variety of durable standard wood grain or solid color powder coat finishes to create the perfect finished look.

ePs13 Plank System | Revelstoke Project | 6" Plank Widths
Revelstoke Project | 6" Plank Widths

Plank Specs: The Details You Need

3 Inch ePs13 Aluminum Planks

3" ePs13 Plank

4 Inch ePs13 Aluminum Planks

4" ePs13 Plank

6 Inch ePs13 Aluminum Planks

6" ePs13 Plank

8 Inch ePs13 Aluminum Planks

8" ePs13 Plank

ePs13 Plank System

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